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  • Science Project Packages– We sell four different science project packages. They are sold through Clickbank, and we’d love to have you as an affiliate. Find out more, and sign up here.
  • Focus Pocus and Waking Up from the Homework Nightmare – Because everyone has kids who need to focus, and most kids have homework, these two products have been a great hit on parenting sites. Also sold by Clickbank, they are a great product to offer to your family or parenting website. Learn more here.
  • ADHD-Inattentive.com – Read up on ADHD if you or your child is affected by it! Full of great advice by parents of ADHD children.

We used to be Goaskmom, but to better reflect our site’s subject and content, we changed our URL to ADHD-inattentive.com.

One final note. I write quite freely about my sons’ ADHD, and to protect their privacy, I don’t use our last name in a public setting. Kayla Fay is my pen name. It’s part of my maiden name, and I’ve been writing under it since – gulp – the 70’s!

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