Content For Affiliates (Stuff I Write that You Can Use)

Here is a list of content I have created that you are free to use to promote our products.

Articles. Most of my articles can be found on Ezine Articles. Change the resource box to include YOUR affiliate link, which will direct them to a sales page and not an internal (non-cookied) page. Use my articles as blog posts, emails, Facebook notes, as pages on a website, or whatever you come up with. Hint: Some of my articles convert to sales really, really well!

Interviews. I’m always happy to give you the content you want. Send me five questions about whatever you think would appeal to your readers – about ADHD, parenting, or science projects. I’ll answer the questions, and you can use the q & a on your site, Squdoo lens, blog, ezine, or special report.

Free Reports. Right now I have two free reports – The Non-Scientist Parent’s Guide to a Science Project and The Non-Scientist Middle School Parent’s Guide to a Science Project. These are designed for you to give them away to whomever you would like – and they can be coded with YOUR affiliate link.

If you want to use a special report, you could simply use your affiliate link to send your readers to the sales page, and direct them to sign up for the newsletter. A MUCH more effective idea is for you to contact me and ask me to create you a special report with your affiliate link coded in. Then, you can either put a link to your guide on your website, or I can host it on my site, and give you a unique link.

Example: Go here to see the guide I made for Shannon Stoltz of If you open the guide, click through to the sales page and all the way to the Clickbank order, you can scroll down to the bottom and see Shannon’s Clickbank ID.

Ideas on where to use free reports:

  • Email the report to your list. Parents don’t like to think about science projects unless they are due, so providing a free report gives them something to save on their computer until the dreaded project deadline looms close. This is a great strategy for parenting websites.
  • Send the link to your coded report to teachers or schools that you know, and encourage them to post the link on their school website. If you’re interested in sending a paper version of the free guide, let me know, and I’ll give you the tools for that. You don’t need a website to do this!
  • Offer the guide as a freebie on your website. You can link to it directly, offer it as a bonus for a product you sell, or use it as an incentive to grow your list.

Images. We developed all the experiments in our science project guides, and have tons of pictures that you can use. Here are some of them:

science project guy