How To Make Your Affiliate Link

If you’ve never made an affiliate link before, it can look pretty intimidating. It’s really not – promise. Follow these steps to make your super-duper money making affiliate link! (Sorry – got a bit carried away. But I really do hope you’ll make money. That makes us both happy!)

1. If you haven’t already done so, sign up for a Clickbank account at here and get your Clickbank ID. (That’s my affiliate link, by the way.
2. Locate the product you wish to sell at
3. Copy the product’s link. It will start with “http:”
4. In the link, replace the YOURID with your Clickbank ID.
5. Use this hyperlink to send visitors to my page.
6. Test the link by clicking on it, then clicking “buy” on my sales page. You’ll be taken to an upsell page. Click on either option, and you’ll be taken to Clickbank’s order page. Scroll all the way down to the bottom, and you should see your affiliate ID in the brackets. [affiliate = YOURID] If you don’t, let me know and I’ll troubleshoot for you.

1. My Clickbank ID is packit.
2. If I wanted to link to Focus, Pocus, I would copy:
4. Then I would substitute packit for YOURID:
5. This is what a link on my page would look like: Focus Pocus
6. If you test the link above, click on ‘buy’, then click on either of the purchase links, you’ll end up on the Clickbank payment page. Scroll all the way down to the bottom, and you’ll see [affiliate = packit] at the bottom of the page.

Now – the example above isn’t what is called the standard hoplink. Here’s why. Clickbank has one hoplink per account. Each account, however, can have 50 or more products in it for sale.

It’s confusing, I know. Here’s what it means.

I have four Clickbank accounts. One of them, sciencemom, has fifteen different products:

2 24 Hour Science Projects
3 Navy Boot Camp
5 Weekend Science Projects
6 Watch This!
7 Bonus 24 Hour Science Projects
8 Bonus Weekend
9 Bonus Watch This!
10 Waking Up from the Homework Nightmare
11 Focus Pocus
12 Waking Up from the Homework Nightmare BONUS
15 Focus Pocus BONUS
16 Middle School Science Projects
17 Middle School Science Projects Bonus
25 Weekend Science Projects Middle School Bonus
26 Watch This! Middle School Bonus

If you use the standard Clickbank hoplink (, you’ll end up on the Navy Boot Camp guide page. That’s not exactly where you want to send someone if you’re trying to sell “Waking Up from the Homework Nightmare”.

To get around this, I use something called EasyClickMate to make my links. And yes, Mr. (Mrs?) FTC, that’s an affiliate link, too.

Once you get really good at making affiliate links, and once you get really good at making sales, you’re going to discover the need to track where the sales come from. But that lesson is for tomorrow.