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Stuff You Write That I Can Use

They say that content is king, and so do I! As much as I like to write, I never have enough time to do all that I need to do. So if you’ve got content, I’ll make it worth your while if you’ll share with me.

ARTICLES YOU HAVE WRITTEN. If you’ve got articles in article directories, send me the link. I’ll post them on my blog, use your resource box with live links, and use your affiliate link. If you’ve got articles on your hard drive – send them my way. I’ll jazz them up with your bio, some of your links, and that all important affiliate ID.

GUEST BLOG POSTS. I love for guests to post on my blog! As my affiliate, I’ll give you access to my blogs, and you can do a guest post, like this one by my friend Cecilia, or this one by Alana Morales. (See how Alana’s affiliate link is everywhere? And I do mean blogs…I sort of got carried away on the blog thing, and have way too many. So you can post on more than one if you like. Just email me and I’ll get you started.

VIDEOS. If you’re like Dan Morris, and have created videos about our science projects, l link to them, post them on my blog, tweet about them – whatever you’d like for me to do! And am I starting to sound like a broken record if I mention I’ll use your affiliate link whenever I can?

INTERVIEWS. I’d love to interview you! If you have kids, have done a science project, or have ever been able to focus while watching C-SPAN, you have something I can talk to you about. Shoot – you don’t even have to speak English. And you don’t have to email me. I’ll probably be in touch with you about this one.

GOT MORE IDEAS? I take collect calls for that! (Just kidding – but you can DM me @ADHDinattentive)

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